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Max has been racing since he was six years old, in his first year of Grasstrack racing he was crowned South west centre champion and finished 4th at the British Championship. Still riding his 50cc auto Grasstrack bike he went on to win the North, South, West and East centre titles two years running including two British titles.

Max then moved up to the cadet class in 2016 on a 65cc bike where again he won his third British title. Only staying in the cadets for one year Max said he wanted a challenge so he moved to the junior class on his 85cc bike racing against kids two years older where again he won the British title taking it to four.

Max tried for a fifth title in 2018 but had bike problems and missed the top spot by one point.

In between all the Grass track racing Max has been riding his 125cc Speedway bike in the British Young Lions where he has been racing up and down the country and France.

In 2018 Max was asked to join the Peterborough Thunder Cats in the Northern Junior League, where they finished Northern League runners up, NJL fours Champions and NJL best pairs runners up. Max also finished top of the 125cc averages list in his first year beating kids up to the age of fifteen.

Max also went onto set 125cc track records at Peterborough, Scunthorpe, Rye house and Redcar.   Max has been the mascot for the Peterborough Panthers Speedway team for last two years and will be re joining them for the 2020 season, duties include representing the Panthers at exhibitions and demonstration rides at the beginning and end of each home meet. 2019 for Max was outstanding, Max won every Grasstrack meet he entered and topped it off with winning his Fifth British Grasstrack title in August.

Max has been racing in the British Young Lions Speedway rounds where he won at Belle Vue and came 2nd at Swindon. He also travelled out to Belgium where he had a 1st and 2nd at Heusden Zolder,

Max has also been to Poland where he had great success and is currently ranked 7th in Europe in the 125cc Speedway class on his first attempt. Max was also given the chance to go to the World long track meet in Germany where he won all five races on a 20 point maximum to become the 2019 World Longtrack Champion.

Max also took part in the Poultec Speedway academy at the 2019 British Speedway Grand Prix at Cardiff's Principality Stadium, where he won a prize to hand out the third place trophy, in front of 40,000 people.

Max has had numerous write ups in the Speedway Star and was lucky enough to have a two page spread in 2019 for becoming World Champion, which gave Max the opportunity to thank his sponsors.

Max can be seen and contacted on either his web page MaxPerryRacing, his Instagram account maxpracing and his Face book page Max Perry Racing #5.

Max in 2020 will be competing in Britain in the 125cc Speedway class and at British Grasstrack venues. He will also be racing in Europe, at the moment venues booked Heusden Zolder, Plzen Czech Republic, Diedenbergen Germany and Holland.


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2019 Achievements:


  • Scunthorpe Amatuer Speedeay Championship - 2nd Place
  • Heusden Zolder Speedway - Belguim - 2nd Place
  • Mildenhall Speedway - 1st Place


  • Bridgwater Grassstrack - 1st Place
  • Ipswich Speedway - 4th Place
  • Cornwall Grasstrack - 1st Place
  • Fenland Grasstrack - 1st Place
  • Frittenden Grasstrack - 1st Place


  • Maidstone Grasstrack - 1st Place
  • Belle Vue Speedway - 1st Place
  • Swindon Speedway - 2nd Place


  • Bridgwater Grasstrack - 1st Place
  • Turun Speedway - Poland - 7th Place


  • Cornwall Youth National - 1st Place (British Champion)
  • Cornwall Grasstrack - 1st Place
  • Ledbury Grasstrack - 1st Place
  • Heusden Zolder Speedway - Belguim - 1st Place


  • Fenland Grasstrack - 1st Place
  • Vechta World Long Track Championship - Germany - 1st Place (World Champion)

2017 Achievements:

  • Junior British Grasstrack Champion
  • Fenland Junior Club Champion
  • GWR Junior - 1st place
  • South West Center Championship - 3rd place

2017 Speedway Achievements:

2017 was a busy year with Max riding in the Young Lions series and second halfs at Ryehouse and Lakeside. For his efforts, Max finished in the top 10 in the Young Lions and notched up countless 1st and 2nd place victories at Ryehouse and Lakeside.

2016 Achievements:

  • British Cadet Grasstrack Champion
  • Fenland Cadet Club Champion
  • Worcester Cadet Grasstrack - 1st place
  • Bridgewater Cadet Grasstrack - 1st place
  • Norwich New Stars Cadet - 1st place
  • Fenland Junior 2nd and 3rd place ( Next class up )

2015 Achievements:

  • Auto Cadet British Grasstrack Champion 2015
  • Wainfleet Junior Poacher Champion and Club Champion 2015
  • Fenland Auto Cadet Champion and Club Champion 2015
  • Lancashire Auto Cadet and Cadet Champion 2015
  • High Easter Cadet Champion 2015
  • South West Center Champion 2015
  • Wincanton Auto Cadet Champion 2015
  • Bridgewater Auto Cadets Champion 2015

2014 Achievements:

  • British Auto Cadet Grasstrack Champion
  • 1st Place Wincanton, Somerton Grasstrack Club
  • 1st Place LOGA, Lancashire Off Road & Grasstrack Association
  • 2nd Place Wainfleet & District Sporting Motorcycle Club (Junior Poacher)
  • 1st Place Fenland Grasstrack Club (Vintage Motor Cycle Club)
  • 1st Place Fenland Grasstrack Club (Meet)
  • 1st Place Dauncy (Vintage Motor Cycle Club)
  • 1st Place Wimborne (Junior Whoppa)
  • 1st Place LOGA, Lancashire  Off Road & Grasstrack Association
  • 1st Place Woodbridge & District Motorcycle Club
  • 1st Place Southend & DMCC
  • 1st Place Donnington
  • 1st Place Norwich New Stars
  • Youth British Champion - Auto Cadets, Fenland Grasstrack
  • 1st Place Bridgewater & District Motor Club
  • 1st Place Oxford Vintage Motor Cycle Club

2013 Achievements:

  • ACU South West Centre Grasstrack Champion
  • 2nd Place ACU South Midlands Centre Grasstrack Championship
  • 2nd Place Cornwall Solo Grasstrack Club Championships
  • 4th Place ACU British Youth Grasstrack Racing Championships
  • 1st Place Bristol Grasstrack Club
  • 1st Place Bridgewater Grasstrack Club
  • 2nd Place Wimborne Grasstrack Club
  • 2nd Place Cornwall Grasstrack Club
  • 2nd Place Donington Grasstrack Club
  • 2nd Place Danebury Grasstrack Club
  • 3rd Place Fenland Grasstrack Club


2017 Awards

2017 - Handing his Cheque to the School

Max recieving his award at the 2016 ACU Awards

Max recieving his award at the 2015 ACU Awards